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Welcome to Digital Wealth 4 You.


My name is Jim Crossman and just in case you’re wondering I’m the one on the left in the picture:) Next to me is Nicky, my wife of 34 years and we’ve run our own successful  monumental masonry offline business for the last 22 years but it’s a physical one and at 58, I’m not getting any younger!


So for the last few years I’ve also been looking to start an online business and I have tried more than once believe me! but there was always some kind of stumbling block, be it building a web page, writing a sales letter, finding/producing the right product or getting traffic and the biggest one of all for me – overwhelm!


You know the feeling I’m sure – too much information all at once which virtually paralyses you from taking any action which results in complete frustration.


At my age I thought I’d never find my ideal internet business – but I have! You see in my role as a stonemason I very often became a sort of counsellor to the bereaved – for some reason they’d tell me things they hadn’t told anyone before and felt the better for it.


I, in turn, felt good at being able to help people in some small way and I wanted to carry on helping people but in a different capacity and on a larger scale. The only way to do this I felt, was via the internet.


Over time I’ve discovered that the ideal way to do this for me was as a publisher – someone who could collate information which I could pass on to the benefit of other people on a large scale if I could get it to them.


Well, I now have access to some great information that will help people like you – especially if you’re the same age, give or take a few years – if you’re looking for a career change or just want to add to your existing income to help live an easier lifestyle.


Imagine if you could discover exactly what it is you’re searching for – how excited would it make you feel. With that in mind click on one (or both:) of the links below where you will find the information that can help you decide.


Make a start. Make a difference. Make it now.


Jim Crossman

Digital Wealth 4 You