All I Hear is Doom and Gloom

IMG_2815 (1)Ok so that’s a line from the most recent hit single from the Rolling Stones ( one of their best, I reckon ) but it might just as well be the headline for every single finance newsletter out there because every one of them is touting the “end of the world as we know it financially” or “ if you think the last recession was bad you wait till the next one which is due any minute / month / year from now”.

Or something along those lines anyway. The most recent one I’ve read from a British publication whose research suggests “the situation for uninformed British investors – and even your average Brit – could become dangerous”

In America nearly every pundit is suggesting that any recovery is just a smokescreen and that all hell will break lose soon – exactly when soon is they’re not saying – how can they when they don’t know? But you can be sure that when it does happen they’ll be the first to tell you “ We told you so”even if it’s 10 years from now.

Now I’ve no doubt that these publications mean well – after all there are certain financial cycles that repeat themselves and bubbles of any kind pop once then get too big – but give us a break please!

The world did not end in 2008, nor back in the early 90’s or 70’s or 30’s or after two world wars. No matter how bad it gets most people survive and some – dare I suggest it – even prosper.

But even if it all does come crashing down like they say it will there is a way you can come out of it positively.

It all comes down to preparation.

There’s a huge movement in the USA that think that Armageddon’s just round the corner so they’re stocking up with survivalist gear – guns ( of course), water purifiers, cellars or bunkers full of cans of food, walkie talkies because there will be no phones or internet – you name it they’ve got it, they will survive regardless.

Of course it may never come to that but if it does at least they are prepared.

If I remember correctly the Scout’s motto is “Be Prepared” and no doubt you’ve also heard the saying “ Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!”

Well if any of the doom and gloomers’ predictions come even remotely true it’s the latter motto that will have the most effect.

So just how do you prepare for the worst?

Well you should  make a start now – if you think that you’ll need a financial cushion when the so-called financial meltdown occurs then now is the time to start thinking about generating some extra cash.

One of the best ways is to start a sideline business which may even become a full time one. This works best if it is something you have at least some interest in, after all you don’t want to get bored doing it do you!

Most importantly – Do Your Research If you like selling physical products then try Amazon or Ebay. If you like the idea of trading the financial markets look into the various areas such as the Foreign Exchange, Stocks and Shares, spread betting etc.

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Remember – be prepared!

Thanks for reading this post. If you want any more information just drop me a line or feel free to leave a comment – I’m always interested in your views – good or bad!

Jim Crossman

Digital Wealth 4 You

PS: Even if the stock market doesn’t crash and the world keeps turning  it’s still fun to have your own personal  profit well and independence.

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