How To Write A 7-15 Page Special Report Just Once And Get Paid Many Times Over For It

Have you ever thought what it would be like to do something once and then repeatedly get paid over and over again for it sometimes for years afterwards?

Take songwriters. Now not all songwriters like to perform  on stage – they prefer to write songs for others to sing but they get paid every time the song is played. (Write it once – get paid over and over – remember ?)

300DollyPerformance6144Others, like Dolly Parton, like to do both. She’s written and performed hundreds of songs over the years and indeed she’s sung songs written by others specifically for her to sing.

You may not know it but she wrote and recorded the song ” I Will Always Love You” made famous by the late great Whitney Houston. Now Dolly wrote this in  country  style which is what she’s famous for. However when Whitney came to sing it,it was produced as a ballad and the rest is history.

The thing is no matter who sang it afterwards or where the song was played Dolly would get a ROYALTY for it. Do it once get paid many times – remember? How much, well obviously that varies but I once read that  Whitney’s version  earned Dolly in the region of $2 million and that was when it was first released over 20 years ago – just think of how many times it’s been played on radio or TV since then!

And remember – each time it get’s played Dolly gets paid.

What’s this got to do with you? – a lot, maybe not as a songwriter BUT maybe as a WRITER because this also works for AUTHORS.

Now don’t start thinking you have to come up with a 500+ page idea for a blockbuster book – you don’t!

But do you think you could write just 7 – 15 pages? Perhaps on a subject you know more about than the average person and that person would gladly pay to have that information you’ve jotted down?

Do you think you could write it once and get paid every time it sells which could generate an on-going income for years?


And as a publisher this is where I can  help you. All you have to do is click on the COPY AND PROFIT BLUEPRINT link below and you will have all the information you need to become a successful Special Report writer.

It shows, in step-by step detail, exactly how to start from scratch and build a large information product empire by creating nothing but short 7-15 page special reports

 (When I say “start from scratch”, I mean from ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – no list, no web site, no ideas … NOTHING!)


Imagine writing a different Special Report every month – imagine the pay-off!

Sounds too good to be true? – too simple? – there must be a catch?

It does – it is – BUT  there is no catch 🙂

Order the Copy and Profit Blueprint program, have a good look through it and if you don’t think it’s for you there’s a full money back guarantee – you have NOTHING to lose and everything to gain!

You want to make a difference? – Make a start –  Make it NOW.


Jim Crossman

Digital Wealth 4 You

PS: You don’t have to be a brilliant writer to be able to do this – anyone can and the “how to” is in the Copy and Profit Blueprint program.

PPS: You obviously have to put some effort into this to make it work – nothing worthwhile comes for free – but if you are willing to put in the relatively small amount of work  the rewards will astound you.

Copy and Profit Blueprint

PPPS: The Public Domain is a great place to find content from which to write short reports. For more information on this subject read this post about the Fast Track Public Domain e-Class or this one about where to find what you want in the Public Domain