How you can make money with the Public Domain



People often think the public domain is a treasure chest of easy money  – until they try it!

They start with great enthusiasm thinking all they have to do is find an old book that’s out of copyright ( which means it’s now in the public domain) change it slightly so it becomes theirs , resell it and bank the profits:) but a little while down the road they realise it’s not that easy and give up – it’s just too difficult. There are too many roadblocks.

Roadblocks like:

  • How or where exactly do I find the right products in the public domain?
  • How do I know if they truly are in the public domain? (Who wants to be sued for copyright infringement?)
  • How do I turn them into my own product or products?
  • How / where do I sell them – who to?
  • Do I need a website?
  • Do I need to write sales letters – if so – how?
  • Where do I advertise?
  • What do I do with my buyers once they’ve bought from me?

And so on. The list is quite extensive and taken as a whole can be overwhelming

Well what if there was a program out there that answered ALL these questions and many more?

( A program like this if you’re keen to get going and don’t want to read anymore 😀 )

The Public Domain Instant Profits System

Answers such as these which:.

  • Showed you exactly how to determine if a  creative work such as a book, a picture, some music or even a film was in the Public Domain or not.
  • Showed you exactly where to look, what to look for and how to package it for resale whether by using a website or another means
  • How to build a website – or outsource it.
  • How to build a list of buyers so that you can keep selling your products to
  • How to build your business into an online empirei
 Now personally I think this is great but I’d still like more! Ideally in a perfect world I would like such a program to have
          • A ready-to-go website with a finished ready to sell product
          • and a ready written sales letter for me to personalise
          • and offers full training on marketing as well!

Not much to ask for is it?

Well as luck would have it there is such a program out there and very popular it is too! The only thing is it doesn’t offer just a website – it actually offers THREE.

Yes, you read that correctly – THREE ready to go websites each with their own separate Public Domain product together with a sales letter and training videos on exactly how to set your website up to make it completely yours.

The sites are 98% ready to go – you just have to register a domain name, set up a hosting account and follow the training videos so you can learn how to load it up to the internet and most importantly make changes to it as and when is necessary.

If this sounds complicated – it’s NOT but if you want to outsource it you can and you’ll be guided on this as well.

Where can you get all this? Right here 🙂

The Public Domain Instant Profits System


To your success

Jim Crossman

Digital Wealth 4 You

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