How To Start A Membership Site In Simple Easy-to-Follow Steps




So the Scots voted NO to leaving the UK, or to put it another way they voted to stay as a member of the UK. The majority obviously felt that staying within the United Kingdom had more advantages than leaving it.

 As someone who has been self-employed for the last 20 years I quite understand the need to be independent but that said I also understand that you cannot operate a business entirely on your own.

You need a network of business associates such as accountants, solicitors, maybe help with marketing and sales, support of the family if you have one – all of these are like the members of a club you belong to, someone you can go to for advice or help in some way.

A lot of the self-employed or small businesses belong to an association related to their business or to their local Chambers of Commerce which offer the distinct advantage of being on your own and yet not being on your own. They can often be a source of business for you as well – a win win situation for all concerned.

However you do not have to be a member for life. Circumstances change, you may sell your business and start another one in a different area and join a different association, or retire. Then again if you retire you may want to join other clubs for recreational purposes.

Take-That band member Jason Orange  announced he was leaving the band after 20 years or so. Obviously he feels it’s time to move on to other things.

 If you want to start a membership site but are worried about the perceived problem of continual content ( I say perceived because it is just that, as I’ll explain ) then I have the solution for you.

Set up short term membership site

It’s  one  that has a definitive or set  length of time. Let me give you an example:

 I know a guy who has set up a membership site in the witchcraft niche ( actually not such a niche as you’d think – it’s huge!). He offers a different set of spells every month and the members pay him around $10 a month for these spells.

He didn’t just write one months supply of spells he wrote 9 months worth in advance ( or got someone else to for him once he’d given them enough info) and set it up so that every month the members would get their spells automatically.

He did the work once and then gets paid every month for however long the membership of the person lasts or until the 9 months is up. Thing is new members are always joining so he’s always got residual income coming in just for doing the work once.

Oh and in case you were wondering about how much money this one site pulls in he had around 400 members at the last count which equals around $4000 per month on autopilot! Imagine having 5 of these short term membership sites -with a similar membership that’s $20,000 per month.

 Can you do this?

Yes you can – absolutely ! Especially with the right training and information which is exactly what  you get with the New Membership Blueprint program, a simple step by step guide on how to set up a membership site whether a short term one or long term – the choice is yours.

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 To your success

Jim Crossman

PS: Just think what you could get paid every month if you had 500 members or even a 1000. What if you charged them $20 per month? There’s many a site that does, why not yours?

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PPS: Think 1000 members is difficult – there are many sites out there with over 5000 or more. It all depends on the marketing which is something else you will learn in the  New Membership Blueprint

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