Internet Marketing – Be like a Chubb, Adapt and Grow

fishing1A couple of months ago I was looking down from a river bank in town marvelling at the number of fish just lazily swimming around this particular spot. At first I thought they might be trout but having fished a lot when I was a kid I knew they weren’t trout.

As they were much larger fish, there wasn’t one below 1lb in weight with most up in the 2-3lbs or more at a guess,  I assumed they were Tench but if they were it was surprising as they are normally bottom feeders not close to the surface as these were. Anyway I started counting them as best I could – there were loads!

I split the shoal in two and lost count at 40 so I at an educated guess there were around 70-80 of them and fascinating they were to watch – even more so when a few of them parted as if to make way for something and then it appeared – the submarine! A huge fish easily twice the size of the largest one there and doing the same thing – looking for some easy pickings.

Turns out the locals feed the ducks and swans there ( as well as the marauding gulls unfortunately ) and the fish have obviously cottoned on to this so they also turn up at the same time. They’re not always visible – it depends on the clarity of the water at the time but you can bet they are there scooping up whatever the ducks miss!

Fast forward a couple of months and whilst on holiday on Lake Garda in Italy I saw the same type of fish doing exactly the same thing only in this case you could see them actually following the ducks as the water was so clear! In fact whenever we stood by the edge of the lake it wasn’t long before these fish turned up – they could obviously see us and somehow knew that sometimes when we are visible to them there is a strong possibility of some fast food 🙄 

It also turns out that they were Chubb and not Tench as I first thought. In my ignorance I didn’t realise that Chubb grew so big but they do especially if fed constantly on bread or bits of ice cream cones 🙂 

The point here is that the Chubb has adapted to the situation and made it work to their advantage. There were other fish in the lake, Carp, Tench, Whitefish, Trout, Minnows even a huge type of Catfish apparently but I only saw the Chubb taking advantage of the easy pickings  and adapting to the situation nature had placed before them and growing in size because of it.

It’s the same in business – if you don’t adapt when changes occur or possibilities appear you run the risk of being left behind or worse, going out of business. It’s not always wise to jump on a particular bandwagon in the early stages but if it does become the norm then you really need to adapt and adopt it into your marketing strategy as it could be the source of some very rich pickings for very little effort.

An example in the ever changing online business world is Periscope which is growing at a terrific rate especially as a marketing tool – check it out if you’re already in marketing as it may open up new avenues of income for you that hadn’t been there before.

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Jim Crossman

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