The Public Domain Fast Track e-class showing you how to make profits from out-of-copyright books


antique-booksThis course differs from the How To Make Money with the Public Domain post (although the content is similar), as this is delivered over the internet over a period of 3 weeks with no manuals or CD’s to take up valuable space 🙂

There are no ready made websites with a product either – you get shown where to source and how to make your own here. This also means it costs less too 🙂 

It also concentrates on books – out of copyright ones to be exact – (not other creative works such as pictures or music etc.) which means they’re in the Public Domain and able to be adapted to make your very own hot selling products. 

This course appeals to people who wish to know and do a bit more about  how to use the Public Domain to their own advantage by creating successful products to sell in their own internet business.

In this course you will find out

  • How to find Public Domain material that no one else has
  • Discover the process of putting together (notice I didn’t say write) an order pulling sales letter.
  • Use laser targeted marketing methods, both free and paid techniques including how to find affiliate and JV partners to promote your products AND understand the difference between the two.
  • The absolute best way to create up sells and put together back end offers to REALLY rake in the cash…

 …And best of all

  • How to put all of this on autopilot.

You also get:

  • Easy to understand training materials
  • Online Training Videos
  • Assignments – to make sure you understand what you’re learning which means your success will be that much quicker
  • Question and Answer sessions.

To access ALL of this and more for a very affordable price  visit the

 Public Domain eClass

If you want to make a difference to your life you have to make a start – so why not make it  now.

To your success

Jim Crossman

Digital Wealth 4 You

PS: I don’t like writing posts that are literally a copy of the information you’ll see when you go to the product page. There’s so much more to this course than I describe above and you’ll know what I mean when you click on the link below – so click!

The Fast Track Public Domain eClass