What’s this ‘GIG’ Economy and how does it help you as an Internet Marketer?

BREAKING CHAINSSo what is this Gig Economy? It’s the term now used to describe the SELF EMPLOYED and according to the most recent stats that equates to at least 6.6% of the working population in the US and in the UK it’s even more with over 70,000 people becoming self employed per quarter.

As an Internet Marketer you’ll want to offer these potential clients an opportunity to increase their income.

If you are on the other side and looking for another source of income, particularly one you can automate then look no further.


Let’s look at some US stats.

  • 6.6% of all reported jobs are classed as self employed
  • This is down from 7.2% pre recession ( that’s nearly 1 million self employed people  lost since 2006)
  • Contrast that with the  number of salaried jobs up by 4%
  • The biggest declines have been seen in agriculture, real estate, childcare and retail. 
  • The areas of work with the biggest gains of self employment are Landscaping, maids, personal care aides and photographers(!)
  • More Americans are keeping there main full time job and taking second or third jobs to subsidise their income.

Now here are some stats that I think are really interesting:

  • 66% – that’s two thirds of the self employed are MEN
  • 30% of the self employed are 55 or older
They’re interesting because men will generally be the main buyers of internet marketing programs and the number of people turning  55  is increasing every day –  we’re talking many millions over the next 20 years due to the baby boomers which is another huge topic altogether and warrants a separate post.
The big difference between the US and the UK self employed is that in the UK despite the fact that the number of jobs available is increasing they are choosing to go it alone rather than take a job and work a second one. This is possibly due to the large amount of redundancies during the recession giving people some funding and the chance to start up on their own.
In the UK the number of self employed is rising by 71,000 per quarter and by 2017 ( if not before) will overtake the number employed in the public sector.
For the internet marketer this is heaven sent! Why? because according to government figures the average wage of the self employed in the UK is just £11000 ( $15,000) so they will no doubt be looking to subsidize their income and if they like the work they do they will prefer something that can be automated and yet produce a good secondary income.
In the US it doesn’t matter if they’re self employed or not – the salaried are looking to take second jobs and the less work they need to physically have to do to make these work will be much favoured.
So if you’re already an internet marketer or you’re just thinking about becoming one or having an online business of some sort then this is a ready made market with the potential customers  actively seeking out  the right opportunities.
Talking of opportunities this is exactly what we can offer. If you’re new to Internet Marketing take a look at these programs – click on the one – or ones –  that interest you the most. You never know, you may just have found your new online business.
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Jim Crossman
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