Your Ideal Customer Is……..?

CreateYou’ve decided you’re going to start an internet business and what you’d like to sell but have you decided exactly who you’re going to sell to?

This might seem obvious to you but think about it. Very rarely do you find a product that everybody wants and even if there were such a product there would be a huge amount of competition for it. Even the iPhone isn’t popular with everyone – not everyone likes a touch-screen or wants connection to the internet via their phone. They just want a phone that can make or receive phone calls or texts, nothing else.

A  clearer example would be selling clothes. If for adults are they for women or men, young, middle-aged or older? Are they aimed at the smart, casual or sporty market? If sports is that all sports or just winter ones and so on.

 What you need to do is have a clear idea of exactly who your ideal customer is

As you can see from the website I publish a range of internet and marketing business opportunities. From my research  I know the majority of my customers are male and in the 38 – 65 year age bracket with the emphasis on the 40 – 60 age range.

So with this information what do I look for now? Well it’s always best to give your customer a name so that they can become more real to you and you can perhaps associate more with them.

I therefore name my ideal customer Bob and he’s between 40 and 60 years of age. As he’s found my website it’s safe to assume he’s looking to run an internet based business from home. Therefore it’s safe to ask :

  •  What are his hopes and dreams – what does he want to achieve?
  •  What real or imagined fears does he have?

Well he’s my ideal customer so I want him to have a strong interest in starting and running a successful home based internet business with the aim to replace his existing job ( if he has one – a lot of people in this bracket have suddenly found themselves on the job scrapheap) and is willing to work at it to succeed.

He fears he doesn’t know enough about it and that he’ll waste good money in trying.

It’s my job to reassure him that with the right training or product he is good enough and his money’s safe as there is always a money back guarantee with all of my products.

Now we get to the nitty-gritty – what else does Bob have to have to be my ideal customer?

To decide this I need to make him real – give him a personality and to do this I make a list like this:

  • Social Background : Sees himself as middle class
  • Marital status: Married or with a long term partner – (shows stability)
  • Personality traits: Easy going, fair minded but determined, doesn’t give up without a fight, sees things through. Stubborn. Faithful
  • How they live: Family and friends important, good at living within a budget, holidays important
  • Where he lives: Suburbia, semi or detached.
  • Hang ups: Has bouts of uncertainty, fear of failure stops him from trying sometimes
  • Strengths: Determined, fair, strong-willed, true to the people that matter to him
  • Weaknesses: Fear of the unknown, lets things get to him, likes a drink every now and then!
  • Employment: Mostly worked for companies large and small
  • Income: £30k+ min with disposable income/ been made redundant, wants to make a fresh start.
  • Mental Agility: Likes a challenge, enjoys chess or good video game. Can adapt quickly to the situation at hand.
  • Interests/Hobbies: Reading, writing ( as most of my products involve quite a bit of writing this could be thought of as crucial but it’s not – he can outsource virtually everything !), films, sport, keep fit, family.
  • Vices: Loves his food and likes a drink or two but knows when to stop. Stubborn, can procrastinate.
  • Dreams: Fed up with working for others, wants to be his own boss, certain something better is “out there”. Wants an internet and/or home based business. Wants  wealth and the freedom it brings!


So that’s Bob – my ideal customer. Now I know who he is I can start to implement the right marketing strategy aimed directly at him.

It might take some time in deciding who your ideal customer is and it doesn’t have to be too exact but it is time well spent, in fact I’d say it was vital.

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Thank you for visiting my site. I’m always keen to get feedback so please let me know if you like this type of post or if you’d like information on something else regarding an online business.

Jim Crossman

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